(Return?) Trip

In Guest Blog Post on September 5, 2010 at 7:00 am

This guest blog post was submitted by Kara Lyons-Pardue. If you would like to contribute a guest blog post to The Daily Conundrum, you are welcome to email your would-you-rather question to Nathanael at thedailyconundrum@gmail.com.

Would you rather, for the rest of your life, (A) get an all-expense-paid trip to your very favorite place on earth every year*, or (B) get an all-expense-paid trip to someplace you’ve never been … every four years**?

* Your trip would be for three weeks (including travel). This does not have to be someplace you’ve already been—if, say, you’d like to choose Bali, but have never been there before, you can choose it at your own risk—you must merely select the locale and go there every year as your three-week vacation. You can travel in a 20 mile radius of this location, but you must choose the same hotel/site as your base each time. This is the only place you can travel for vacation ever again.
– You have a $2,000 bonus every year to pay for family and friends to visit you (since you can’t visit them).

** Your trip would be for three weeks (including travel). Your destination must be at least 20 miles removed anyplace you’ve ever been before and you cannot return to any place you visit from here on out. In your off-years, you can still have time off from work and do fun things within a 40 mile radius of your home (and you only move once every 20 years). But that is all.
– You have a $2,000 bonus every year to help family and friends to visit you (since you can’t visit them).


If you choose A, where would you pick and why?

If you choose B, what place where you’ve already been would you miss visiting most?

Choose wisely.

  1. Deceptively nasty, this one. To never go back to a place that you’ve been??? To never be able to go anywhere new? Evil.

  2. Very evil! B., with a lot of hesitation.

  3. I thought I would go with B on this one, but on second thought, I’ve got to go with A. Say I live to 85, A would give me 58 more trips. If I went with B, it would only be 15 trips. That’s a big difference. And I think I will visit Istanbul every year (but at different times each year).

  4. This is a difficult conundrum. I choose A. I like routine, and I want to travel with Nathanael. I choose Istanbul too. Cop out? Maybe. Happy Laura? Yes. I have no clue where I would most miss visiting.

  5. 😉 I’m glad I caused conundrums. Or not.
    I’m truly stumped. I do think Camden should reconsider and LIVE in New York and then pick somewhere else for his travel destination, because never leaving the U.S.? Horrid.

  6. […] been more than a week since it went up, but I did a guest blog at The Daily Conundrum called “(Return?) Trip.” When given the opportunity to write a post on my brother’s would-you-rather blog, I […]

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